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Our History


In 1978, a small gathering of people met together in the Bell Hotel in the village of Mildenhall for the express purpose of starting a church. Brother Alan Bishop was the pastor and founder of New Testament in April of 1978. He worked as an insurance agent and was consequently transferred to Germany. He contacted missionary Rick Stucke, who came to New Testament in September of 1979.


Since its inception, the church has had 6 pastors. Pastor Alan Bishop, Missionary/Pastor Richard Stucke, Pastor Jack Thrift, Pastor Travis Harris, Pastor Thomas Adams, and our current Pastor, Jeffrey Craig.


The church, that started out in the Bell hotel, soon began looking for a permanent place to hold services. In the little village of Kenny Hill, stood a Church of England, flint chapel called Saint James'. The chapel was closing and New Testament Baptist Church was able to purchase it. The old flint building was our first permanent home.

God has blessed New Testament with three building phases that make up the current facilities. The fellowship hall was the first stage. The second was the auditorium. The third stage houses our creche (nurseries), Sunday school classrooms and bathrooms. 


Our prayer is that God will continue to provide the increase both spiritually and numerically as we faithfully serve Him.


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